Amazon Preserves Its Facial Recognition Technology Reinforces Calls For Legislation


Inspite of apprehension from investors, civil rights groups and others Amazon contemplates its facial recognition technology can be of assistance for law application. Simultaneously the company consents that there should be national legislation to control how this kind of technology should be utilized or otherwise.

Punke underscored some of the advantages of facial-recognition technology, such as assisting in locating criminals and discerning missing people. He said that in a time span of more than two years that Recognition has been made available, Amazon hasn’t gotten a solitary report of misuse by law enforcement.

The post arrives after countless groups from investors to innumerable Amazon employees to an ACLU-led affiliation of civil rights groups advocated the company to cease selling recognition to government agencies, due to apprehension that could be utilized to contravene people’s rights.

It is very hazy the number of law execution groups is presently utilizing Amazon’s technology. It is being utilized by police departments in Florida and Oregon. An Amazon spokesperson said that the company does not allocate company’s name or utilize specimens without their permission.

The company also vociferated it reinforces beckons for an apt national legislative fabric that shields individual civil rights and fortifies that governments are crystalline  in their use of facial recognition technology.

Amazon is the most recent key tech company to stipulate its sustenance for such legislation. Microsoft has also said it is in approval of laws that control how facial-recognition technology can be utilized.